June Perkins (aka gumbootspearlz) tells stories through blogging, interview, video, poetry and photography.

Her writing has been described as heartfelt, having a strong sense of place and identity, and a musical poetic tone.

She began her poetry trek seriously at the Tasmanian poetry festival at the age of fifteen and  was invited back there to perform her poetry at that same festival ten years later. She is listed in the Austlit database mainly for poetry but is working on other genres of memoir, short story, essays and writing for children and youth – as well as heritage writing.  She completed her PhD in 2003 on the topic of empowerment through writing.

The highlight of her blogging career so far has been guest blogging for ABC Open for 6 months on cyclone Yasi recovery in the Cassowary Coast.

You can find her featured in their award winning Aftermath Project.

She began photography in 2005, but was especially inspired by the landscapes and experiences of living North Queensland to pursue it more seriously.

The highlight of her photography  journey so far was the acceptance of several works to an anthology of Queensland Writing and trio exhibition Without Words at Malanbarra Midja Women’s Health and Housing with Sophie Sam and Lima Robinson.  She’s won a couple of photography prizes but is still looking for her photography niche and style.

During 2012- 2014  she undertook  video and photography assignments for the Queensland Music Festival, Far North Queensland Volunteers,  a local dance instructor and musician friends.

September 2012- March 2013 she worked as an editor and moderator on ABC Open’s 500 Words project.

June creates works focused on peace, equality of men and women, people’s passion for art and life, caring for nature and community, and other concepts close to her heart.

She’s just relocated to Brisbane and is adapting to city life. She is working on a number of writing and film projects and in 2015 was employed as as a sessional academic tutor at the Oodgeroo unit, QUT.

You can contact her this facebook public page or leave a message here and she will get back to you.

June is delighted to be a member of the following groups or directories. Gumbootspearlz is her website.

You can find her  at  Twitter    Facebook    Vimeo    Pinterest

She is regular photographic contributor to Nineteen Months.

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