Highlights of the After Yasi Blog Tour and Launch


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On the Interviews

As I was reading your article, I captured the essence of two creative spirits, who both connect with others through creative pursuit driven by personal initiative inspiring others through the work they do. Two wonderful women, Mel and June – humble in the process of what they do yet worthy of so much praise-. Shirl Lynn X (musician, songwriter)

Such a remarkable book, June! Very inspirational and a testimony to the strength of the human spirit. – Jacqueline Halpin  (author)

More fantastic insights gained through skilful questioning. Brilliant idea about the comedy-style T-shirts and the use of humour to diffuse stress, done so expertly by David. A very Aussie (and Qld) type of response that many people will chuckle about for some time I should think!

Thanks Jedda and June for a great pit-stop on the Blog-Hop journey.What an insightful and compassionate person you are June! Reading this interview allows us to share in your very personal journey in a unique way, just as After Yasi does. Great questions and very considered responses that should be inspirational to all.- Matilda  Elliot(author and ABC Open contributor)

Reminds me of my cyclone days back in Townsville as a child. But not in the least way as stressful to read about now June. GPigs LOL, good one David

Great job June. I would so love for more people to view and experience this wonderful book of yours first hand. Been terrific so far and I’m not kidding when I say, it was an absolute pleasure being part of your tour. 🙂

A fantastic post Alison! So useful, informative and sensible. So often we drag our ‘luggage’ aka offspring through our own emotional turmoil and angst forgetting their needs and comprehension of what is happening around them may be far removed from our own Thank you June for illustrating how to overcome certain trauma on every level and at all ages. –

Dimity Powell(author and reviewer)

Congrats June, on the launch of After Yasi.
Just loved reading your insightful interview here.
And getting to understand what drives you.
Thanks Dimity… -Karen Tyrrell (resilience author and workshop presenter)

I relate to June’s story years ago when I was younger, much younger we experienced a devastating cyclone in Bowen. The old building we sheltered in was on the top of hill as it blew down around us … we shuddered as each gust of wind hit the building for hours on end. . It was the longest day and most terrifying night of my life. .Fortunately central rooms held as we all huddled together. The next day the sun shone as the townsfolk picked up the pieces and fell off roofs while trying to repair then. Chaos continued for weeks after but we bonded and made new friends because of what we had shared and survived. . – Jocelyn  Hawes (author)

A tragic but heartwarming story of the total impact of a cyclone. As a Brisbanite I’ve never lived thru a cyclone, the closest is seeing the results of the recent mini cyclone storm that trashed my son’s unit at Moorooka. So I say to those survivors of Yasi, God bless you all, that’s as close as a human will get to hell. – Steve

Stories are as clear today as back then. A truly inspiring family – and some very cute guinea pigs too! -Melissa  Robertson

Resilience, recovery and rebuilding a new life, the hallmarks of survivors. Congratulations on your book. – Noeleen

Thanks for sharing these tips on resilience in the aftermath of major weather events, June and Karen. June’s book is full of inspiration and heart-touching photos. I think it will encourage survivors and helpers. – Ali Stegert (student counsellor and author)

Great to read how different people cope in the space of a disaster and how people need to be given grace afterwards in the recovery process. Rebecca (author)

Your presentation of “After Yasi” is wonderful. Love the interview!! Good luck, June! Carol Campbell(poet)

Thoughtful, caring review. Well done June and Ali. – Renee (author)

I am in Mission till 16th seems weird the anniversary of Yasi who changed our lives forever. Black Cockatoo’s in the trees next to the beach. – Julie Headlam (photographer)

Such a useful article, June and Charmaine. June talks about these issues with such compassion and serenity. A few major media outlets and a handful of rogue journos could learn a thing or two from her, I reckon! I love the documentary video featuring her son. Stay tuned to the blog hop to see it. Ali (student counsellor and author)

This was an in depth interview which more fully introduced us to June. She has little snippets about herself in the book but I feel that I know her even better now!! Nice to meet both of you here and in this way! – Carol (poet)

Awesome advice June. You are a shining example of how documenting the story of others can also help in one’s own recovery from natural disaster. You are an inspiration to me 🙂 – Heidi Den Ronden  (Red Cross volunteer and fellow aftermath contributor)

Thanks for sharing this resource June. I wasn’t in the region at the time of Yasi but was on Dunk Island over the weekend and saw its devastation first hand. I also think there’s a power in community documentation of a traumatic event – and you’ve showed us why, and how to go about it. – Gemma Deavin (ABC Open producer)

This is very well written June. I can feel the mounting tension as it affects your family. You are doing a brilliant job bringing the impact of cyclone Yasi to the awareness of the wider community. – Suzanne  Miller (blogger and poet)

On the Launch

Such a wonderful event June Perkins just so impressed with everything you did here today. I was on the road most of the day but made it home to mission beach this afternoon. Melinda (Aid worker and musician)

My friend, June Perkins launched her ebook today – this is a related clip about what my organisation did in 2011 during the aftermath of Cyclone Yasi. Robyn Good and Tiny Good were instrumental in getting our Operation Angel to its full potential. Along with other wonderful volunteers. Let’s hope Australia has a 2015 free of major disasters. Jacqueline Pascarl (Operation Angel)

Love the poem Breathe. That’s all I’ve had time to experience so far. Well done June. This is a wonderful project.– Renee Hills

This is the tremendous launch of an ebook – Operation Angel will be included for our work in Far North Queensland following Cyclone Yasi. Very humbled to have been part of this effort.

– Jacqueline Pascarl (Operation Angel) 

Between checks-in here I have been dotting around the various links from the Joining Instructions on your blog. Your soundcloud posting as well as being a really good performance is quite remarkable in a wider context – had I not known the back story I would have taken the lines about roofs and insurance adjusters as a synecdoche-metaphor for all the turbulence and hassle in our lives. (And indeed the synecdoche-metaphor of the breathing as a form of calm to help rise above whatever turbulence does pertain as much as the literal fact of that beneficial therapy of the time.)There is a big positive-from-negative here in the form of a work of art informed by life-lesson not so much learned (because you knew much of it anyway I think) as applied, and then re-applied the specific to inform the general. Yes such storytellers are indeed vital. – Danny (UK)

Hi June, I won’t be about for the live chat today – I have been watching and also wanted to share the following:
With June’s e-book Launch today, I was compelled to revisit the documented stories that she gathered and published in her book, “After Yasi”. Revisiting the stories and memories captured within I was reminded of the devastation caused by this traumatic event, the upheavel, the loss and despair while June’s book also imparted to me the strength of spirit as people shared and cared for each other to facilitate the healing. ‘Finding the smile within’ – that’s such a beacon for healing. Well done June, and congratulations on the launch now or your e-book for this publication.

As a prolific writer and arts worker I have seen your commitment and progressive development through the works that you share. Thank you always for sharing. I always smile when I receive a post or two from you because it affirms the constancy of your commitment and passion to the work you do and the journey you are on. Your book will always remind me that whatever the circumstance there is a need to always be able to find that smile within. Thank you. – Shirley Lynn( prize winning songwriter)


Winners of the blog hop competition and for free ebook or photo print to be announced  and contacted soon. Thank you to all of those who participated in the online discussions.  To follow the blog trail see the side links under blog hop.

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