Writer’s Dream9 Reviews After Yasi


Carol from Writer’s Dream 9 has blogged this review of After Yasi Finding the Smile Within. She is an active poet whose focus is empowerment through spiritually focused poetry.

Murfreesboro, Tennessee



“What would I do if I found myself facing a major cyclone in my town?” is the question I keep asking myself as I read the heart felt descriptions contained in June Perkins’ book, “After Yasi”.

I guess we really can’t answer that until we are put through the experience. Scattered on the virtual pages of this book, you will find incredible examples of the role that community really plays in our lives when facing a hardship. You will be inspired by the stories of so many souls who, through the arts, reached out to find healing from the winds of destruction that ripped through their towns. June and her family were there photographing and interviewing as a part of the very creative healing process that took place, and probably is still taking place in beautiful Australia.

You will meet many neighbors, friends and townspeople who valiantly helped one another to reconstruct their homes, find their belongings and regain, at least in part, their sense of safety and security. Truly they are heroes!

People from all over the “Land Down Under” came to break bread and pitch in including musicians, politicians, and even a Prince. When you look at June’s pictures, please note the joy and comfort that people from all over the world brought to the faces of the citizens of this hard hit area.

June has included before and after pictures also, which bring home to me, in part of course, the sense of desolation they all must have felt. When hearing about this kind of thing, we don’t think of all the layers of pain that call for inner strength and fortitude because we have never been through the likes of Yasi. Maybe some of you have. If so, this will be a healing read. Even if we haven’t gone through it, we do know from life that the winds of trials and tribulations are part of life’s journey and you will be inspired by their progress on this journey to wholeness. Truly a metaphor for life.

Two things that struck me were, one, the children’s participation on all levels, in the activities of reparation that took place around the communities in unity. Secondly, the fact that this is truly an ebook, because, it provides links to other sources for numerous pictures and stories that were painstakingly recorded by June and her family. It opened a whole world of possibilities in the cyber-world of books!”

To the people of Australia, I honor you and wish to say thank you for sharing your very personal triumphs and struggles with us. It offers such inspiring lessons to apply to, really any, difficulty! It is my prayer that someday you may see what a service has come from the selfless gift of your authentic truth! God bless you all!


You ripped through our home

A powerful force of nature

Serenity has returned to us now

In time you will be forgotten

(c) Poem Carol Campbell

I encourage you to visit Carol’s blog and thank her for taking the time to explore the ebook and so many of its links.

She is a poet with a generous heart. I thank her for her message to Australia.

To read and comment on Carol’s Blog (and to read more of her poetry) visit this link – After Yasi.

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