Arts in Recovery – After Yasi – Finding the Smile Within


The virtual launch of the ebook of After Yasi, finding the smile within, is being planned right now.  So watch this space!

As one historically oriented reviewer recently said, this book is not really about a cyclone, but more about what happens in its aftermath. If you really want to know more about the cyclone night itself there are links to that and there is lots of online coverage. There are at least three other books that focus on that more.

However, the project of this particular book was to reflect the emerging power of the arts to build a bridge for anyone recovering from a trauma. It is a social commentary on what creative means help people to heal after a natural disaster.

The ebook makes After Yasi widely accessible to the general community and it is hoped that community development workers, arts workers, community planners, councils,  health workers, and funding bodies make use of it when determining how to assist people in future recovery from natural disasters.

It has hyperlinks to photographs, blogs and videos, that encourage readers to explore and have an enriched experience moving  well beyond the original coffee table book.

The author/editor was invited to guest blog in the Place Stories space, which features many more stories about the role of the arts and artists in recovery.  You can still visit those spaces to find out more about the role of the arts in recovery:

Place Stories Creative Recovery Arts Network

Place Stories Creative Recovery Cassowary Coast

June also guest blogged  for ABC Open in the Aftermath project and chose to tell, video, and photograph her community’s recovery story and not just that of her family’s.

The coffee table book was created especially for the local community and is still in the library for anyone who wishes to go visit it at the Cardwell or Tully libraries. Furthermore it’s at the National and State Libraries and in the households of the families of many of those featured in the book and their friends.

It was not a cheap book to make or sell, and was an individual initiative undertaken with a noncommercial aim.  A bulk buy order helped us reduce the price of the book. The final product was beautiful and much appreciated by those it was made for. We had the launch at a cafe in Mission Beach last year.

You can still purchase the hard cover book of it if you are keen and yes these books are pricey because they are print on demand one of a kinds go to  JUNES’ BLURB   A more affordable pdf version is available if you want and this is a copy of the coffee table book version but is not what I would consider an ebook.

Multimedia storytelling is my passion and I hope to create more books like this which encourage guided online explorations of the stories and mediums that I love.

A special thank you to all the community groups, families, artists, writers, creatives, and organisations that made the story of this book possible, especially to ABC Open, Creative Recovery and the many people who had faith in my portrayal of our collective journey.

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