Electric Guitars, Umbrellas, Cricketing Legends and Bouncing Back

This is a fuller account of the Bounce Back concert than in the After Yasi book, where it is told more through a selection of photographs.

Pearlz Dreaming


Phil Emmanuel in flow

Electric guitar sounds out through the rainy night.  Pink images of the guitar man in flow seen through a lens that needs more white balance and connoisseurs of guitar lap it up.  Chariots of Fire, Sultans of Swing, A James Bond Medley, Going Home…  the rain pounds harder.  Two young ladies with pink umbrellas and transparent raincoats dance in the rain with their beaus.  Two ladies sit under umbrellas swaying along to the music.  Phil Emmanuel sways back.  ‘It’s a quality crowd, although there’s not many of you, ’ he says.  And in tribute to that quality, he gives quality back.


Rewind, earlier, I am searching through the crowd for my family.  Somewhat distracted by my photographing I have lost sight of them, in the flow of set, see, special moment, and click.  I know they are on a quest to find Phil Emmanuel and…

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A Prince, Cassowary Gift and Handshakes of optimism

A longer account than could be included in the After Yasi book. 

Pearlz Dreaming


A sea of umbrellas

Beating down sun.  Umbrellas of all colours and sizes.  People of Tully gathering,  Young and old, families, babies, all backgrounds, a throng of people waiting for the Prince to arrive.  They find their spots, on the boundary, in the stands, and some like me wandering to find the best camera vantage points.

The first royal visit to Tully, a second to Queensland.  People chatter with the SES and police.  Red cross staff walk around – maybe they are part of the select 50 guests in the igloo.  Water and ice everywhere in big buckets so people don’t dehydrate.  People waiting for the arrival.  Orange lines marks the middle of the oval.  He will be touching down at some point.  A small emergency helicopter comes.  He will be coming in an army helicopter.  Elderly ladies with young spirits joke they’d like a kiss from the Prince.


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