Glitter, Shimmer, Laugh

Some more healing poetry.

A Thousand Healing Haiku

Healing Haiku


Glittering in flight
moving beyond noisy night
I need my wing’s sight


Translucent shimmer
Healing dragonfly wings beat
Returning green dream


No more lies to fear
Gone is the nights cyclonic hell
Life’s sparks make me laugh.

(c) June Perkins all rights reserved

Dragon Fly

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If Glass Could Talk

8329571144_3a57e71720_z (2)
Image By June Perkins

for Jacque

If only all the tiny shards of glass
bottle brown
wine green
yellow and purple orchid swirls
could talk

What would they say
if fragments realigned
knit themselves back
like broken bones entwined in casts
and heroes walked?

What if the paralysed
could miracle embrace
pain and grief
trauma and loss
till they walked with stars?

I breathe out Vincent’s starry night
from living room wall
to outside door
then coffee table book on my floor

I wonder – would he obsess about lost socks
from cyclone’s past?


(c) June Perkins

I wrote a series of poems tackling the responses and recovery to a cyclone, but they could be relevant to any form of recovery from trauma.



5562141017_b5a2620173_z-1 (2)

After Larry
Butterflies were everywhere
Tully hospital and
Home gardens were their home.

After Yasi
So many trees gone in Tully and everywhere
Uprooted, turned inside out
With their skeleton roots starkly exposed

Flights of dragonflies everywhere
Clustering and descending
To adorn rocks by
Swimming pools in need of a clean

Skimming on the water
Approaching and fleeing
Varied in kaleidoscopic patterns
Attracted to handle of red net
My son is holding

Their wings – small but aerodynamically efficient
Lead me to imagine myself
One with them

But, yesterday
I saw a Cairns Bird Wing butterfly
Dancing in the garden
Remembered how plentiful they were in Feluga

They became the slip stream
To all that has been lost.

(c) June Perkins

Shadows into Light

For changing the shadows into light…

Ripple Poetry

farm visit 128-005 Light and Cane series – June Perkins

There are days when you can play
with shadows to see the light
you can find these on  journeys
past cane and fallen down trees

Life has corners you can’t see
twists and turns
still photography.

Sometimes we don’t see connections
We go and miss
the shimmering.
Sometimes we don’t see the beauty
We’ve forgotten how to feel.

You can chase the sunlight
across the window panes.
You can turn it into
anything you want.

Climb and clamber
shine and Sway
in the forests
light the way.

Capture a glimpse of connection
dream of nature’s rhapsody
make this a day to remember.
Chase the shadows into light.

Sometimes we don’t see connections.
We go and miss the shimmerings

Sometimes we don’t see the beauty,
We’ve forgotten how to feel.
Make this a day to remember
Chase the shadows into light

(c) June Perkins…

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What would Emily say?

Another from the Recovery poems.

Ripple Poetry

5493384204_9a0531435e_b (2)

The creek is still here
skeleton bush returns bit by bit
but the swinging tree of the waterhole
is gone.

The tiny blue trimmed butterflies hide
with the dandelions
gold and brown ones nestle deep into the green grass
capturing them with camera leaves them free to fly.

Why do some children take the red nets
and break the wings of such beauty,
why can’t they let them be?

Two friends sit at a round table
discussing Emily Dickinson
and how she had to speak to others
from another room.

She needed so much room to write her words
still she hid them away

Butterflies hiding in the grass
sing of Emily
and wonder what she would have
made of cyclones.

(c) Word and images June Perkins

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After Yasi – he said, she said

    Sharing some of my recovery poetry. One poem (not this one) is in the After Yasi book.
    I’ll collect them all together one day, for now with the passing of time I am able to revisit them.

Ripple Poetry


He said, ‘you are not out of the ordinary if you feel a little apathy.’

She said, ‘it’s so cold as we’re still sleeping on our veranda.’

He said, ‘scaffolding arrived on Saturday mornings well before breakfast,’ then yawned.

She said, ‘Will we really have to leave?’

He said, ‘Let’s build our lives again’

She said, ‘I will sing ballads by the sea,’ she took her guitar.

He said,’Let’s salvage and rebuild’

She said, ‘Will you ring the insurance?”

He said, ‘Can I have a cuppa first?’

She said, ‘I’ll see all our memory moments every time we see this farewell couch’

He said, ‘Let’s give out medals’

She said, ‘So many quiet heroes’

He said, ‘banana prices are too high’

She said, ‘I’m going to meditate.’

He said, ‘Are you off to yoga?’

She said, ‘I’m going to see our daughter’

He said, ‘The papers say we’ll  nearly all…

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