Anchoring my Home

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I created the anchor because I needed something to fight back the cyclone. I saw some people up the road had a small wooden anchor in their yard and I was with my neighbour and I said “Maybe we should all anchor our houses down.” And then I noticed all the rubbish in my neighbours’ yard so I picked out a drain pipe and a few bits and pieces from her place and out of the cyclone rubbish I made the anchor and then thought well why not tie it to the house. The grandchildren came along and said “Aw Grandma that’s great,” they thought it was so funny.

Lots of people have stopped when driving past, one in particular, a father with his two sons raced out and his kids raced around, stood in front of the anchor and he lined them up and made sure they stood in just the right place and was taking their photo and I thought I should race down and get a photo of this they were so gorgeous and I couldn’t find my camera in a hurry so I missed out on the photo.

                                                                                              By Christine Jenkins

Christine tells her story.

Dance for Recovery

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Documenting a Dance Workshop, I found some time for creative shots. This workshop was using movement to help people unpack their experience of cyclone.

Danielle Wilson was the workshop creator.  Watch the video to find out more.